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Cooked with an abundance of onions

Garlic Mushroom Nuggets

Nugget sized mushrooms, simmered in cream & garlic, sprinkled with fresh herbs

Broccoli Aloo

Broccoli cooked with potato, onions, tomato, ginger & garlic

Pooris - Punjabi Spicy Sauce

Indian style pancake topped with a filling of your choice

Lamb Karahi
King Prawn Butterfly

Golden tiger prawns deep fried in a special batter, with butter & cream sauce

Pilau Rice
Crown Jewel Chilli Special

Green chilli peppers stuffed with chicken & prepared in a special spicy batter


Thicker & drier sauce cooked with extra ginger, garlic & tomato

Mushroom Pilau Rice

The original classic


Cooked with lemon juice, herbs, spices, ginger & garlic


Cooked with banana

Goanese Fish & Prawns

A light, creamy sauce with a touch of coconut, fresh green chillies, haddock & prawns

Aloo & Gobi

Potato & cauliflower cooked in a medium hot thick sauce, with ginger, garlic, herbs, sprinkled with fresh coriander

Mughlai Korma

Fairly mild dish cooked with egg, fresh cream, mild herbs & spices